About Us

About Us

Our company timeshare simplifies is here to help all timeshare owners with assistance no matter the developer they own with. We also offer free management services for timeshare point owners. The combined strength of the Vacation Simplified, our sister company, we will ensure that we fulfill our promises to you, time after time.

Simplicity. We know theres a lot on your plate; from busy work schedules to balancing family commitments, so investing more time into your vacation ownership is the last thing you need. Our company manages the entire rental process, from strategically marketing your points, to handling the entire booking process.

Transparency. Simply put, Timeshare Simplified is a breath of fresh air in the vacation ownership industry. We are 100% committed to fostering a relationship of complete transparency. We will always let you know where your account stands, who is using your points, and your exact payout amount and schedule.

Customer Service.We do our best at being able to answer your questions in whatever way you find easiest for you. We can be reached by text, phone or email seven days a week. We are fully confident youll find all interactions with us to be professional, courteous, and honest.

Value.We have created a system over the last six years that has virtually allowed us to guarantee we can get rented any number of points you may have. We make sure at least your maintenance is paid and in many cases even more than that. Its the peace of mind gained from a seamless transaction, the confidence that you now have a partner committed to taking the stress out of vacation ownership, and the flexibility to enjoy your investment on your own terms

Contact our friendly Timeshare Simplified staff today, and start getting value out of your vacation ownership again.

Best way to contact: support@timesharesimplified.com

Phone: 1-866-585-TRAVEL (8728)

Text: 702-581-8035 

This is Our Story

I started this company because for the first seven years of owning my timeshare I never used it and I was in the business. But over the next 10 years of being involved in the industry and meeting several people including the owner of an exchange company I figured out how to use it the best way and how to get the maximum value.

I dropped out of college because I didn't have any money and when I moved home I had a mean stepfather who when I was growing up had told me I would never own a house or do anything so I moved to Las Vegas in an old pick up truck with $300. I went on a job interview at Polo Towers (Las Vegas Timeshare) and the guy said to me well we sell timeshares and I said what's that. He said most people can't afford to travel and I was thinking of my single mom who would tell me to run around the sprinklers when I asked if we could go to Disneyland, either that or they work too much and have to force themselves to go, or people spend money on hotels and this is cheaper eventually. My first month I made $8000 and the manager came to me and said look you're young man you're only 21 and you're dealing with all doctors, lawyers, CEOs, professionals and teachers so I will sell you a timeshare at the Jockey club for $82 a month. He told me if I owned one I would sell more and that if I stayed in the business I would make six figures my whole life and I could tell my stepdad to go to you nowhere. So I immediately signed the contract and that was my first time share.

As a salesman I would tell people you just pick up a phone call and go wherever you want Hawai, New York, Vail and you would get right in, but what I learned was the complete opposite once I became an owner. I would try to call and I would say to Interval that I want to go to Sedona next month and they would say it's not available, then I would say hey I want to go to Lake Tahoe for Fourth of July and it was not available then I'd say hey I want to go to the Marriott Maui and it was not available so after four months of not getting anything I quit. Then I went to work for a timeshare rental & resale company and I found out they didn't really try to sell them but I did see people renting them out for two and three times their maintenance fees and I saw one guy rent his week out for the Olympics for $8000. That seemed like a good deal to me and I took a mental note of it and I left the industry for three years and started my own business.

After moving back to the Las Vegas 12 years ago I met my wife and my buddy came to me and said why don't you come work for me I work at a point system and I told him there's no way I'm selling that dumb thing that never works and he said no come work for me I work at a point system that works a lot easier. Once I got in I found 80% of people were going everywhere and doing everything but 20% of people were like me they thought the maintenance was too high and it was hard to get into the places you wanted when you wanted. Being a good student I went to the timeshare convention to learn how to work ownership better and at the convention I met a man named Corey Phelps one of the managing partners of the San Francisco exchange and he taught me how to use it. Ever since I've met that guy I've never waited over two weeks to get exactly what I wanted my timeshare has been a blessing and have made a ton of money on renting them out and now I own 29 of them and rent out over 1000 nights a year, I have traded to the top resorts such as Marriott, Four Seasons, Hyatt and Westin all the time.

It took me 15 years to accumulate the knowledge and to break it down into a couple simple steps but once you know the steps to take it makes it a lot easier to use and it will set your expectations up right and make sure you have a much more enjoyable experience.

I am now making it my mission to educate all timeshare owners on the easiest way to trade through RCI and Interval and the best practices for going to rent out their units and to spread the knowledge of all the available resources you have with your ownership.

We are an independent vacation rental agency, offering reliable and professional management services for owners of unused timeshare points. Our proven program offers families an opportunity to experience affordable vacations and for our program participants to receive money in return for their unused vacation time.