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Timeshare Tips & Tricks Book

I have written this book in the hopes that it will help timeshare owners no matter who their developer is utilize their program in a way that is of maximum benefit to them. In the 16 years I have been working in the industry and working with thousands of owners here is the most common questions and concerns most timeshare owners have: 

  • How come I can’t get the trades that I want?
  • How do I rent out my timeshare and can I do that?
  • How do I get last minute reservations even when they show booked online?
  • What is trading power?
  • What do I do with my points or weeks when I can’t use them?
  • Is the maintenance fee worth it?
  • I don’t like the exchange company I never get what I want.
  • How do I use my program.
  • I don’t know how to use what I have.
  • Where do I go to rent out my timeshare?
  • How do I use my VIP benefits?
  • What do I do when I don’t want it anymore?
  • How do I sell it?
  • Which vacation ownership program is the best for me?

These are the most common questions and concerns I find timeshare owners to have and I have done my best to cover them all in detail in my book Timeshare Tips & Tricks. While there are a variety of programs out in the market today most of the major developers have gone to points, but there are still many that are sold as weeks and I have done my best to explain your best options no matter which type of ownership you have. The book is an easy to read and each subject is broken down in a different chapter. As we continue to progress with our company we will be adding more and more detailed books and articles on each section to give you further depth and understanding on the subjects that are most important to you.


Rental Guidebook

In our first additional product we are pleased to provide our rental guidebook. This book is designed for people who wish to rent out their timeshare weeks or points and the best process to go about moving forward. We offer this in both digital format and a regular hardcopy book as an option for any style. If you order the book and guidebook together we do give you discount on the price. The Timeshare for Dummies guidebook goes in depth into the following areas:

Can I rent out my timeshare week or points?

How do I rent out my week or points?

What are the best times of year to rent out?

Where do I go to advertise my units for rent?

What is the process for renting out my points?

I am responsible for the renter for damages?

How do I get paid?

What are the tax implications?

These are many of the questions we try to cover in the guidebook in depth and we try to make it easy to understand. I have tried to make it a step by step process that any one can understand and to take you through a few examples as well with forms on how to keep track of everything.

Simply click on the option that best suits your needs and we will get your book out to you immediately if you get the digital version or very shortly if you order the physical book.

Rental Guidebook Digital

We are an independent vacation rental agency, offering reliable and professional management services for owners of unused timeshare points. Our proven program offers families an opportunity to experience affordable vacations and for our program participants to receive money in return for their unused vacation time.