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Here are some links to timeshare websites that I have found to be helpful in various different aspects of timeshare ownership. Some of them have membership fee’s and some do not, but no matter which one you choose there is value to you if you decide to use them.

Timeshare Help Resources

Timeshare Users Group over 50k timeshare owners that help each other with common questions, industry insights, channels to get your units rented or sold, free timeshare exchange and with a marketplace of all things timeshare.

Timeshare Today the Magazine an in depth publication of the timeshare industry with industry insights, resort reviews, articles on how to use your program, rental documents and contracts and much more.

Red week what week is a great resource for owners who want to rent out specific times with a broad range of clients all looking for timeshare condos and a very low advertising cost.

All timeshare owners, regardless of the official exchange company with which their resort is affiliated, have the right to use whatever exchange company they choose for their vacation exchanges. Investigate some of them and you may find you get more value out of using one of them than using your “official” affiliated exchange company.

Below you will find a list of independent exchange companies, in alphabetical order, including some that specialize in European exchanges. Note that there may be some that we have unwittingly omitted; if you know of one, please let us know so we can add it.

  • Crown Vacation Exchange. A newer exchange company, Mississippi-based Crown Vacation Exchange does not require membership for exchanging your weeks and there is no exchange fee required until your request has been matched and is ready to be confirmed. Web site:

  • DAE (Dial an Exchange International). Founded in 1997, DAE is the largest independently owned exchange company in the world. It has offices in Australia, South Africa, China, India, Thailand, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. Membership is free. Web site:

  • Hawaii Time Share Exchange (HTSE). Hawaii Timeshare Exchange is a smallish exchange company that specializes in exchanges among resorts located in Hawaii. Membership is not free, but exchange fees are lower than average. Web site:

  • Ownertrades. is an independent entity that facilitates timeshare resales, rentals, and exchanges among Marriott Vacation Club Owners. All exchange (and other) transactions are accomplished by trading directly between Owners. Owners pay no exchange fees, and no sales or rental commissions to

  • (All rental and resale listings have very small fees.) The Exchange Center allows owners to list the villas / configurations they own, along with a selection of Marriott resorts to which they would consider exchanging. No “banking” of weeks is involved. Owners can choose a free exchange membership (just add your resort and exchange preferences to the website), or a paid membership ($12 as of 2012 to do all the exchanges you can muster in a year). Web site:

  • Platinum Interchange. Founded in 1979 by Woody Cary, President of Tricom Management, Inc., Platinum Interchange is considered the third largest Exchange and Rental Company worldwide, consistently confirming vacation exchanges at 1200 plus worldwide resorts. Low Cost Fees, No Membership Fees, No Annual Dues. Web site:

  • Resort Travel & Xchange (RTX). Founded by the developers of Festiva Resorts, RTX is a membership-based timeshare and vacation ownership exchange company based in Asheville, N.C. RTX works with a number of resorts and developers throughout the world to provide the best exchange options possible to its members. In addition to exchange services, RTX offers numerous travel benefits to members, such as reservation protection, rebates, travel discounts and more.

  • San Francisco Preferred Resorts (SFX). Established in 1992, SFX Preferred Resorts is the only Exchange Company specializing in the industry’s highest rated resorts. It is a vacation exchange service within a network of strategic alliances specializing in preferred quality and rated resorts in high demand locations within Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, United States, Western Europe and other global regions upon request. Web site:

  • Trading Places International. Founded in 1973, Trading Places became involved with vacation ownership resorts in 1975 when it coordinated travel for developer “fly/buy” programs in Hawaii. Trading Places International’s vacation exchange business was born with the company’s creation of a successful exchange program for a resort in Mexico. Now owned by Interval Leisure Group (parent company of Interval International), Trading Places remains an independent company within ILG’s sphere of influence and is one of the largest of the alternative exchange companies. Web site:

We are an independent vacation rental agency, offering reliable and professional management services for owners of unused timeshare points. Our proven program offers families an opportunity to experience affordable vacations and for our program participants to receive money in return for their unused vacation time.