Timeshare Concierge

What is one of the most frustrating parts of timeshare ownership? Getting the reservations you want at the time you want is typically not that easy and that is why we have developed our concierge program.

Let our staff do all of the work of booking your timeshare vacation for you! A lot of our clients have a tough time getting the trades they ideally want and many times settle for a resort or time they did not want. Let us set up a strategy for you that allows you to get the most value out of your timeshare by trading to the places you want when you want.

Imagine you want to take your kids to the Atlantis in the Bahamas and all it takes is a simple text message or email. We strive to make your life as easy as possible all while traveling to top timeshare resorts with minimal effort.

Get exciting trades you never before thought possible such as:

The Atlantis in the Bahamas
The Manhattan club on New Years in New York
The Westin in Maui during Christmas break
The Four Seasons Aviara during the summer
A resort in London
Marriott Lakeshore reserve in Orlando during summer
Marriott Timber Lodge in Lake Tahoe during Presidents’ Day week
Orlando for Christmas and many other great trades.
We do this because if you do not trade properly it is almost possible to get what you want, however, if you do it properly it has a documented success rate of 97% through Interval. There are a couple of nuances the typical owner gets wrong as typically most people have not read the instructions on how to trade or they didn't understand them properly. It is also difficult to get reservations in your primary system if you do not do it correctly or no how it is supposed to be done.

We have started a service and partnered with 2 former Marriott specialist that can help you with anything related to booking your timeshare or hotel points. In order for us to be as unbiased as possible and get you the best option for you and your family.

Our company has partnered with two different timeshare concierge companies and a couple different vacation clubs to ensure you have all options available to you.

Here is what these timeshare concierges can do for you:

Do you ever have trouble getting the exchanges you want?
Do you not want to call and wait on the phone with your developer?
Do you want to plan a big trip with you and your family but don't want to do all the planning?
Do you want someone to keep track of all your anniversary dates and what needs to be done with your ownership?
Do you wish someone could show you how to maximize your hotel reward points and turn a typical 7 nights in hotels into round-trip airfare first class with a 5-night hotel certificate?
Do you have a high-end cruise or vacation you want to do and need a travel agent to plan it all for you and give you the best advice?
Do you actually want to be able to get reservations within your developer system that you normally cant get?
Do you want someone who can help you get part of your portfolio rented out to cover your maintenance costs or to help you make money?
Do you just generally want to get the most value out of this large purchase you made?
Our concierge specialist can help you with all of this and there is fee is generally made up easily on 1 or 2 trips especially with the convenience factor.

Imagine finally making your vacation ownership investment all it should be. You work hard all year to take these trips with your family shouldn’t you let someone else handle the stress of making the bookings.

For our white glove concierge service please email us at support@timesharesimplified.com and let us know what property or with which developer you own with along with the number of points and we will put together a proposal for you. Please include a little bit about how you would ideally like to travel with your program and let us know what challenges you are currently having.

You can also call us at 800.461.5037 and speak to one of our team on your best options as well.

We are an independent vacation rental agency, offering reliable and professional management services for owners of unused timeshare points. Our proven program offers families an opportunity to experience affordable vacations and for our program participants to receive money in return for their unused vacation time.